Our ProScore Food Rating System

Meal Planner Pro takes the work out of analyzing nutrition fact labels by providing you with a scoring system for the food products that interest you, based on your unique needs. Specifically, the scoring system assesses an individual product based on your age range, gender, and how well the product meets your ingredient and nutrition preferences.

These personalized scores range from 0-100 and are sorted into three categories:

  • Green scores (between 70-100) are a strong match for you, so are typically okay to eat in normal portions.
  • Yellow scores (40-69) are a medium match for you, so you should read the labels carefully.
  • Red scores (1-39) are a weak match for you, so should only be eaten occasionally in small portions or not at all. A warning hand and/or a zero score will appear for foods that contain an allergen or intolerance you indicated in your profile, so avoid these foods.

These scores are meant as guidelines. Although we follow strict quality assurance practices, please exercise caution if you have concerns or do have a serious food-related condition.

Our team of registered dietitians and engineers combines their years of nutrition and food science knowledge to evaluate food products on an ongoing basis. Assessing products' nutritional value using ingredient lists and nutrition labels, these experts evaluate products for different demographics based on Institute of Medicine guidelines and the most up-to-date research. From in-depth nutrition analysis we’ve been able to develop algorithms that display scores for the products on our site. We continuously strive to deliver the most current, accurate, and personalized evaluations of food products to be found anywhere.